Reducing anxieties and depressive thoughts


Client: Hoi Nee, 38 years, Singaporean


Her Challenge: High levels of unexplained anxieties & depression


Coaching approach:

Hoi Nee used to work as a senior manager in the finance industry. She has taken a break from her intense work environment after experiencing an increasing level of anxiety. She is experiencing panic attacks during the day and night. She fears about her health, her relationship, her future and her mind seem to be that ‘racing hamster in a wheel’ that never takes a break.


When discussing the possible root cause, we soon identified several events, most of them during her childhood, that effected her mental and emotional well-being. The emotional absence of her mother together with the high expectations by her father created an enormous amount of pressure till in her twenties. Her parents guided her life until she met her future husband to get the physical distance from her parents.

The yearlong emotional abuse caused a high level of stress within her body system and there were several symptoms being detected by medical experts but none of them were treated successfully. Hoi Nee was taking 20 different medications every day to treat her symptoms. These medications caused several side effects such as nausea, reflux, headache etc.


Hoi Nee discussed and agreed with her medical providers how she could reduce the medication and replace them by supplements and natural remedies. She processed successfully the negative events during her childhood and replaced her anxieties by feeling calm and well balanced. We used the coaching framework to identify her passion and she embarked on an inspiring journey. She listened daily to her meditation and used the visualisation technique for her goal.


Hoi Nee completed six sessions over six months and has applied successfully her self-help tools to manage her life in a positive and calm way.


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