The name is a little deceptive, as hay fever has nothing to do with either hay or fever. Rather, hay fever is an allergic reaction that leaves sufferers with symptoms like sneezing, eye irritation, a runny nose, cough or nasal congestion.


What causes hay fever?


To put it very simply, hay fever results from an over sensitive immune system. Usually, special kinds of plant proteins irritate the cells of particularly allergic people and cause the immune system to go into overdrive. The body produces histamines to try and counter what is perceived as a threat, and these histamines cause all the tell-tale symptoms.


Hay fever is primarily caused by ragweed, exposure to certain grasses or tree pollens at particular times of year. Depending on what season the plant proteins are abundant in the air, your symptoms may come and go each year. Antihistamines are a good treatment however long term use has plenty of side effects, the most common being drowsiness.


How hypnosis can help hayfever


The body and the mind are powerfully connected - and the correct hypnosis technique can actually help ease your hay fever symptoms. By relaxing and engaging in subconscious and focused visualization, blood flow to the whole body can be increased and congestion relieved. This means fewer blocked or runny noses. Regular hypnosis has also been shown to have beneficial effects on the body’s immune cells and immune system in general.


Better still, a trained hypnotherapist can show you how to use self-hypnosis effectively, so that if you notice symptoms coming on, you are able to use the very same techniques to get a handle on your body’s response. The effects of hypnosis on hay fever are cumulative, which means you won’t have to keep on with the same treatment, as is the case with antihistamines. Instead, your resistance will build over time.


Ultimately, hypnosis trains the body to respond less aggressively to what are actually harmless plant particles, proteins and even the body’s own cells. The University of Basel has shown in a recent study that hypnosis is able to help people effectively manage hay fever symptoms, and perhaps even reduce the need for medication in the long term.


By accessing calm, peaceful states at any time or place during the day, you gain a powerful sense of being able to control and manage your symptoms - without having to rely on medication which often just makes you sleepy. Hypnosis is a wonderful accompanying treatment and offers hay fever sufferers the chance to reclaim their health through simple and gentle methods.