It’s easy to forget how many challenges young children go through every day: while school can be a place of exploring and socializing, it can also be full of pressure to perform.


A child who has difficulty concentrating, remembering things or keeping up with peers in the classroom may soon find the problem snowballing out of control. Low self esteem saps their sense of motivation to achieve, and because they don’t try as hard, they are likely to fail and feel even worse, setting up a vicious cycle. And with so many physicians ever ready to prescribe children powerful drugs at the first sign of poor school performance, a parent may wonder if there are safer treatment options available.


Hypnosis can be a valuable tool in stepping in before your child develops fears and aversions to school. A trained, professional therapist can work closely with your child to set up a series of small goals that, when reached, will slowly build self-esteem back up. By teaching the child to harness and focus their own innate energy, a hypnotherapist can help alleviate difficulties around school performance. Concentration can be increased, and the child can begin to find joy and pride in his work again.


Gradually, the child learns that he is, in fact, in control of his thoughts and feelings, and can make and aspire to his own priorities. With a gentle, holistic approach, the child is nurtured so that his own natural inclination towards growth is supported. The hypnotherapist may also make suggestions for the child’s diet, study habits and daily routine at school so that his entire environment is supportive of his learning.


Whether or not your child’s learning difficulties have a biological basis (that is, a learning disorder such as dyslexia or Attention Deficit Disorder), there is always an emotional component too. Your child will better be able to manage the stress and worry around struggling at school if they are already equipped with a strong sense of self and the tools to work within their limitations.


Children all come into this world with a burning need to learn and master the environment around them. This passion can become hidden when a child fears judgment, ridicule or failure. Hypnosis can reach into the deepest parts of a child’s subconscious mind and help him rediscover his natural love for learning again. After all, the childhood years are a special time of self discovery – and what better skill to develop than a deep, focused sense of calm and the ability to tackle developmental challenges head on?