For women wanting to take ownership of their fertility, tracking monthly cycles is certainly not a new concept. And for years, various methods and devices that help you locate your most fertile window (and most infertile!) have been available to those looking to maximize their chances of conception.


Now, perhaps inspired by the popularity of fitness tracking apps, the fertility industry has created a wearable Fitbit-style device called Ava. Worn on the wrist and only at night, the device takes out the guesswork and tells you exactly where your most fertile 4 - 5 days during the month will fall.


Like other classical ovulation tracking techniques, this device works by logging small increases in body temperature during ovulation. But instal the app on your smartphone and you’ll also have access to other health indicators (nine biological measures in total!) throughout the month. What effect does stress or lack of sleep have on your cycle, for instance? Do you have a longer or shorter cycle than the average woman? Information like this gives you detailed insight into your menstrual cycles and a look into your own fertile rhythms.


So far, users of Ava find the little gadget very handy indeed. Because you receive information in real time, you and your partner are still free to act spontaneously and enjoy your full fertile period without feeling pressured or rushed. This window is also twice the size of that provided by other methods - effectively doubling your chances of a “hit”. Because almost three quarters of all pregnancies happen within the same three days in any given cycle, zooming in on those days in your cycle can empower you to take more control of the conception process. And with an accuracy of almost 90%, the mysteries of conception can become a little less mysterious ...and less stressful.


Knowledge, as they say, is power. If you’re just starting out on your fertility journey, understanding the delicate process of conception arms you with information to learn what’s healthy and normal for your body, plan your family, or even prevent pregnancy. If you’ve gone off birth control and are actively beginning to try to fall pregnant, Ava can take luck out of the equation and put you in sync with your rhythms - and it can continue to do so even after you fall pregnant.


Conception is all about getting the timing right. While an app like Ava can tell you when your conception chances are greatest, every women is different. For those with more long-standing infertility difficulties, this device may not be appropriate. Those with highly irregular cycles, or medical conditions like Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, will likely need to try another approach. Likewise, sufferers of endometriosis or those with a diagnosed fertility condition will need to first address any underlying medical condition preventing conception.


The bracelet is currently on the market for $200. But for healthy, hopeful couples, this could be a great tool that’s far less expensive than fertility treatments and significantly less effort!