What is HypnoMothering?

HypnoMothering is a 2.5 hour class for mamas-to-be, new mamas and mamas of young children. Developed by two hypnotherapists, each a mother of twins, this fun, practical class teaches mothers easy and fast self-hypnosis techniques to make the most of limited sleep, keep calm and balanced on challenging days, and find focus and mindfulness amidst the myriad of feelings that mothers can face.


For whom is HypnoMothering for?

Mamas-to-be: The original HypnoMothering class format was created to prepare first time expecting mamas for a gentle transition into motherhood.
Mama with babies under 2 years: This version of HypnoMothering is designed to help mothers find balance and energy throughout the early years of motherhood.


How is Self-Hypnosis helpful for Mothers?

Rapid Relaxation: Hypnosis provides easy to learn techniques to quickly relax mama’s body while creating mindfulness and balance.

Positive Emotional Resources: Quick self-hypnosis techniques allow mothers to tap into positive emotions even on difficult days.

Hypnotic Time Distortion for Sleep: Whether you have five minutes or five hours to catch some rest, hypnosis helps your mind and body make the most of the sleep you have.

Connection to Baby: Hypnosis helps a mother tune in to her baby and her own natural instincts.


What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a safe, natural state of mind connected to physical and mental relaxation, with a selective, focused attention. Most of us have experienced to “zone out” while reading a book, exercising, playing with an imaginary friend as a child or going window shopping etc. – this is called the ‘hypnotic’ state.

This daydreaming state between sleep and wakefulness can be used in a therapeutic context. When we enter into this absorbed state of hypnosis, we can use our thoughts, talents and experiences in ways not usually available to us. We gain deeper awareness and can allow positive change to happen in our life. Hypnotherapy encourages your deeper consciousness to open, relax and find solutions to current challenges. The effectiveness of hypnosis has been beneficial for a wide range of challenges such as anxiety and phobias, depression and burn-out, traumas, lack of motivation, school problems and learning difficulties, sleeping problems and many more.