Mastering new situations without fear


Client: Ella, 9 years, UK


Her Challenge: Fear of new situations, very shy


Coaching approach:

Ella is a very lovely girl, attentive and with a great attitude to do things well. She has a greater level of emotional sensitivity and prefers spending time reading or playing with a few friends. She does not like to speak in front of other people, as she feels intimidated. She is fearful of changes in her life and needs a greater amount of time to adapt to a new situation.


When working towards the root cause of her challenge, we were able to identify one experience that was particularly attached to her early childhood. Her family relocated into another country and her mother experienced high level of stress. As a young girl, she could sense her mum’s stress but did not understand the reason for it and therefore associated the stress of her mother with her own fear of the unknown. Each time there was a change in her life, it got associated with fear.


Her fear reached a point where the slightest change in her usual life would be perceived as a thread. She started to have difficulties at school as her self-confidence decreased over the years. The difficulties at school in conjunction with her attitude of doing things well created an additional set of pressure on her. School was not fun anymore.


Ella managed successfully to process the stressful experience in her early childhood. We used the Lego technique visualisation and the IEMT tapping to reduce her fears. We set an anchor for her self-confidence and used a metaphor for her well-being.


She attended two sessions only and it was thanks to her great collaboration that we were able to progress in such an efficient way. Her family relocated back to the UK two months after our second session and her mum replied that Ella has integrated successfully at school and has made lots of new friends.