Accessing the swimming pool without fear


Client: Marie, 42 years, French


Her Challenge: Fear of Water


Coaching Approach:

Marie loves outdoor activities, particularly running and gym work. She is a mother of two boys, and all her family members enjoy swimming. She used to work as a marketing manager but decided to pursue her passion and become a sports coach. She feels that it’s the right time to face her fear of water.


When describing her challenge in our first coaching session, we come across three events that got associated with fear of water. At the age of 6 years, she got thrown into a pool when she was unable to swim. She panicked and thought she was dying until she got pulled out of the pool. This negative experience caused her fear being attached to water. She never went back into a pool or sea, even if her feet would touch the bottom.


Her body started to experience a higher level of stress the moment she was thinking of going into the pool. Her swimming coach had to hold her when walking in waist-deep water levels as she felt she could not hold herself upright.


Marie processed the traumatic event at the age of 6 and reduced her fears. We used the coaching approach for her to set goals in collaboration with her swimming coach. The swimming class got synchronised with the mental coaching and Marie started to feel more and more comfortable with going into the pool and started to do first kick-board movements two weeks after our first meeting.


She had four sessions in total, all within one to two weeks apart. Thanks to her active engagement and working with her set of self-help tools she progressed very fast and started to see positive results within a short period of time. She enjoys now going into the pool and has booked a beach holiday with her family!





Feeling calm during baby's swimming class


Client: Kate, 35 years, with baby Zac, 9 months, New Zealand


Her Challenge: Lack of confidence during Baby Swimming class


Coaching approach:

Kate is a first-time mum with 9 months baby boy Zac. She enjoys the pool at her condo and likes to bring Zac to the pool. Zac has been starting to expand his territory by crawling within and around the baby pool. Her biggest fear is that something bad could happen while being at the pool. The fear has increased and has started to affect her self-confidence.


Kate describes her challenge in our first session and sees herself in a dilemma – how can she support her baby’s fun in the water by not feeling full of fears when enjoying water fun together?   


We used the coaching framework to set her goal and identify her milestones. The fear got reduced with the IEMT tapping method and her self-confidence got boosted through the anchoring method.


We used two sessions to address her challenge: the first session to get her focus and the second session to anchor the positive experience after her first baby swimming class. The coaching was done in collaboration with the swimming school. Kate and Zac are still happily enjoying swimming classes and Zac started to put his head under water after a few sessions into their first term.