Sleeping through again


Client: Noah, 4 years, Switzerland


His Challenge: Nightmares


Coaching approach:

Noah is a sensitive and very creative boy. His imagination expands through his books and playing with Lego. He loves animals but sometimes, a picture of an angry animal in his books or in a movie can create a big fear. Noah attended a play date with his friend and happened to watch a cartoon movie with his friends’ older siblings. Noah is not used to watch movies at home and the extract of the movie he watched at his friends’ house was sufficient to create a big fear of a bear. That bear would come every night and cause for him to wake up.


When discussing his challenge, it soon became clear that the bear visiting him in the night was the same as in the movie. We used the Lego technique to identify how we can increase his safety during his sleep. He then used the colouring and collage technique with his mum to set up respective posters to safe guard his room. His mum used the sleep technique to boost his self-confidence for four weeks.


Noah slept through the same night and all the following nights. The bear re-appeared sometimes again but he used successfully his self-help tools to fall asleep without waking up during the night.





Falling asleep again easily


Client: Joshua, 7 years, Australia


His Challenge: Fear of falling asleep alone


Coaching approach:

Joshua is a very creative boy and loves playing games on his computer. He is fascinated by the virtual world. He is very good of thinking abstract and visualising. He does not like to go to bed alone as he feels that the enemies of the virtual world could become real and threatening while he is sleeping. He would toss around in his bed, trying to fall asleep with full lights on and eventually starting to read until his eyes would give way for him to fall asleep.


We were able to identify three traumatic events during his childhood when he experienced a major surgery followed by complications in his recovery. These negative events created a set of fears that got stored in his mind.


Joshua processed successfully the traumatic experiences in his childhood. We used his amazing creativity for a visualisation technique and he decided to use the ‘Hero’ approach. We then anchored the ‘switch’ for falling asleep easily.


The above was achieved with one session and the mum’s feedback was that her son has been able to fall asleep easily since then.