Managing weight successfully


Client: Amanda, 32 years, Australian


Her Challenge: Overweight


Coaching Approach:

Amanda is a very successful manager working in the finance industry. She heads up a team and loves her work. She manages her high level of workload very efficiently and comes across as a calm person. She feels that at work, she is being acknowledged by her skills and less so by how she looks like.


When describing her challenge in our first meeting, we come across five events that got associated with a negative experience in her life, the earliest being at 5 years old. In all of these events, people had made comments of her being chubby and not fulfilling the ‘standard’ expectations. She started to keep things to herself, retreat when being teased by her school friends and find herself more and more isolated. It became very difficult to make friends and still is.


Her body started to experience a higher level of stress at home and at school. She started to have difficulties in concentration and her self-confidence started to decrease. The self-protection mechanism started to kick in. The wall of protection became so thick over the years that it made it almost impossible for her to start a relationship she so much wanted.


Amanda processed all her negative experiences until her subconscious mind did not perceive any thread anymore. The self-protection mechanism was reset in a way to make new friendships possible and increase trust and confidence into self and others. We used the coaching framework to set her goals and milestones for the upcoming weeks and added a daily 20 minutes meditation to increase her focus towards the successful achievement of her goal.


She needed three sessions separated by one week each and two follow up sessions after one and three months. She has successfully reached her goals and continues to embrace her new way of perceiving herself and others in a respectful and thankful way. Thanks to Amanda’s engagement in the sessions, she was able to enjoy such a great outcome within a short period of time. She enjoys her physical well-being and is happily in a relationship.